5 Anavar Stacks for Maximum Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

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Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a much sought-after anabolic steroid due to its potent ability to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. When you consider its mild nature in regard to side effects, you have an almost flawless steroid that we’ve found to be well-tolerated among both genders.

Such benefits are why Anavar is still approved by the FDA for medicine today (1). However, it is a controlled substance and thus is illegal in most countries when utilized for cosmetic purposes, i.e., bodybuilding.

Although Anavar produces exceptional results as a stand-alone cycle, it can be combined with other anabolic steroids for enhanced results. Below are 5 Anavar stacks that bodybuilders from our clinic have previously used, plus their pros and cons.

Anavar and Testosterone Stack

Testosterone, like Anavar, is one of the best-tolerated anabolic steroids, based on our tests. This makes the duo a complementary stack, as side effects will still be comfortable for many users (when used in moderate dosages).

Testosterone, like Anavar, is an FDA-approved medicine (2); indicating a degree of safety when prescribed under expert medical supervision.

Testosterone will speed up subcutaneous fat loss while dramatically increasing muscle hypertrophy and strength. If users are new to both of these steroids and utilize this stack, we have seen muscle gains of roughly 25–30 pounds when taken in moderate dosages.

Testosterone is typically considered a bulking steroid (despite its versatile nature) due to its potent mass-building qualities. It can rival some of the strongest bulking steroids on the market and is arguably the best off-season compound in terms of its risk-to-reward ratio.

However, testosterone does aromatize, and thus temporary gains in water weight on-cycle can be expected. This will counteract the diuretic effect of Anavar; thus, if a dry and ripped look is coveted by users, this stack may not be optimal.

Testosterone is predominantly an injectable steroid, whereas Anavar is an oral steroid. Thus, if someone wants to avoid needles, another stack will be more suitable.

This stack is not suitable for women due to the addition of testosterone, which we have found to cause virilization (3).

Anavar and Testosterone Dosages (Beginners)

anavar testosterone cycle

The above cycle is suitable for a beginner, who wants to experience significant results with minimal side effects. However, high dosages of this stack for a novice can be problematic, causing raised LDL and reduced HDL cholesterol and increasing the risk of myocardial infarction.

Anavar and Testosterone Stack (Intermediates)

anavar test cycle

The above protocol is tailored for intermediate bodybuilders who have taken steroids before and have tolerated Testosterone/Anavar well in standalone cycles. The above cycle duration is extended to 10 weeks (from 7), and the maximum testosterone dosage increases to 500mg (from 350mg).

These are not aggressive dosages by bodybuilding standards, and thus blood pressure should not rise to excessively high levels in most users; however, they should be regularly monitored.

We have found that a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), such as Nolvadex, can be of aid to users if their nipples start to become puffy. Nolvadex will inhibit estrogenic activity in the mammary glands, preventing gynecomastia in sensitive users (4).

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Anavar and Winstrol Stack

This is arguably the most potent cutting stack a bodybuilder can utilize. Winstrol is very similar to Anavar in regards to its effects on body composition (being a potent fat burner and muscle builder); however, Winstrol is considered the more powerful compound.

Thus, when taken by themselves, results on Winstrol are typically more pronounced than Anavar, based on our patient’s feedback and results. However, we have also seen Winstrol produce more severe side effects.

Winstrol does not aromatize, similar to Anavar; thus, vascularity will become more prominent, as well as striations and muscle definition. This is due to both of these compounds depleting extracellular water retention (the fluid that collects between the skin and muscle).

Generally, users will take either Anavar or Winstrol instead of stacking them together. However, if someone wanted to get as dry and ripped as possible while retaining full muscle bellies, we have seen this as an effective stack.

When cycling Anavar alone, users won’t get as shredded compared to taking it with Winstrol.

When taking Winstrol alone, users won’t have as full muscles compared to taking it with Anavar.

In our experience, the main downside to this stack is substantial fluctuations in LDL/HDL cholesterol and AST/ALT liver enzymes. Anavar taken alone is considered a mild cycle; however, when taken simultaneously with Winstrol, it produces a much harsher environment for the body (most obviously seen in our lipid profile and liver function tests).

Anavar and Winstrol Stack (For Men)

We do not recommend the below stack for women due to the likelihood of Winstrol causing virilization. 

winstrol anavar cycle

The above stack should only be taken by intermediate or advanced users due to the toxicity of Winstrol. We have seen this stack cause rapid fat loss and moderate gains in lean muscle mass (10–20 lbs).

Anavar and Winstrol Stack (For Women)

winstrol anavar cycle for women

The only way we have seen women tolerate this stack is if Winstrol is used in very small dosages. If a woman has taken an Anavar-only cycle and wants to take her fat loss and muscle gains to new heights, the addition of Winstrol will do just that.

However, if a female is overly aggressive with dosages or extends this cycle beyond 6 weeks, masculinization is likely.

The risk of virilization with this stack remains higher than taking Anavar or Winstrol by itself; however, this may be worth the risk for women competing.

Anavar and Clenbuterol Stack

Clenbuterol is a β2-adrenoceptor agonist (not a steroid); however, due to its potent effects on lipolysis (fat loss), when combined with Anavar, it makes for a potent cutting stack.

The main issue when combining several anabolic steroids together is exacerbated side effects compared to taking one of them alone. Thus, we see cholesterol levels and liver enzymes rise higher, testosterone shutdown becomes more fierce, and the risk of gynecomastia often increases.

However, clenbuterol doesn’t affect any of the above and thus has been a sensible stack for both men and women (as it doesn’t cause virilization).

Anecdotally, we have found that clenbuterol does not increase muscle mass (to a notable degree), so it is taken strictly for fat loss.

The main concern we have seen with clenbuterol is excessive stimulation of the CNS (central nervous system), causing an excessively fast heartbeat and potential heart arrhythmia.

Anavar and Clenbuterol Stack (For Men)

clenbuterol anavar cycle for men

Anavar and Clenbuterol Stack (For Women)

clenbuterol anavar cycle for women

Anavar and Trenbolone Stack

Anavar and Trenbolone are very different anabolic steroids, yet they are sometimes stacked together during cutting cycles.

Anavar is a mild oral medication, whereas Trenbolone is a highly toxic injectable. Thus, Anavar can be taken by beginners, whereas Trenbolone should only be used by advanced steroid users.

In terms of body composition, they have similar attributes: both building lean muscle, shredding fat and having diuretic effects. However, Trenbolone is exceptionally potent, and thus the results from this stack will far surpass taking Anavar alone, in our experience.

However, running such a stack also diminishes the side-effect-friendly nature of Anavar.

We typically see Trenbolone causing LDL cholesterol levels to soar as well as impairing the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis), exacerbating the shutdown of endogenous testosterone.

This stack is not suitable for women due to the fact that trenbolone often causes virilization side effects. 

trenbolone anavar cycle

Note: This cycle should only be utilized by advanced steroid users and should be considered highly toxic.

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Anavar and Dianabol Stack

anavar dianabol
At first glance, this appears to be a strange combination, considering Anavar is a cutting steroid that dries out the body and Dianabol is a bulking steroid that causes water retention.

Dianabol also causes visceral fat storage, whereas Anavar reduces it.

Thus, we have seen this unorthodox bulking stack work well when bodybuilders are relying on Dianabol for mass and Anavar to keep fat gains at bay.

Not to mention, Anavar will also combat the bloating and puffiness experienced on Dianabol due to excess extracellular fluid.

Thus, Anavar will make for a more aesthetic bulking experience on Dianabol, albeit at the expense of further elevations in LDL cholesterol, liver toxicity, and testosterone suppression.

Both of these compounds are oral, so it is a convenient cycle for those looking to avoid needles.

Users should be wary of Anavar products secretly containing methandrostenolone (Dianabol), as this is a common scam we see on the black market due to Anavar being expensive to produce. If counterfeiters do replace Anavar with Dianabol, there will be no elimination of water retention or burning of visceral fat—only the exacerbation of both.

This stack isn’t suitable for women due to Dianabol’s high likelihood of causing masculinization.

anavar dianabol stack

AST and ALT liver enzymes should be regularly monitored if implementing the above cycle, due to both compounds being c-17 alpha-alkylated. We thus find orals more prone to causing hepatic damage.

A SERM may also be utilized on-cycle (such as Nolvadex) if the nipples start to become swollen to protect men from gynecomastia.


Anavar technically can be stacked with any anabolic steroid to good effect; however, the 5 stacks above are some of the most popular combinations in our experience.

For women, their choices are more restricted; however, stacking Anavar with Clenbuterol or Winstrol can produce impressive results.

There are more options for men; however, the most popular stacking choices are testosterone (for lean mass) and clenbuterol (for maximum fat loss). Other combinations can negate the mildness and safety rating that are unique and clearly advantageous with Anavar.

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