COVID-19 Update

Last updated 30/01/2021

Inside Bodybuilding is open and adhering to the new UK government guidelines concerning the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown.

We advise patients to contact us via email or telephone to book appointments. Home visits will now be avoided where necessary.

However, in the event of a high priority situation where a home visit is deemed crucial and cannot be deferred, we are legally allowed to come and visit you and are happy to do so.

To put our patients at ease and to reduce any anxiety, a mask and gloves will be worn, as well as hand sanitizing. However, due to home visits now being limited to exceptional circumstances, we do not anticipate such visits being a regular occurrence.

Generally, if there is a crucial need to speak to one of our doctors, it is quicker to connect with one of them on a Skype call than for us to send an assistant to come and take notes (via a home visit).

If you have any symptoms of the coronavirus, you can take a free NHS test. By booking a home visit appointment, you accept the risks of possible transmission and Inside Bodybuilding will not be liable for such. However, maximum preventable measures will be taken to greatly reduce the chances of this happening.

If any of our patients are in a critical condition, with their health rapidly deteriorating, always dial 999 and seek emergency care before contacting us.