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Ernst Peibst

erny peibst

Ernst Peibst is the founder and owner of Inside Bodybuilding. 

Ernst is a natural bodybuilder, personal trainer and body transformation expert from England.

He has been featured on major news websites, including: Daily Star, Daily Mail, News.com.au and Indy100.

After building over 70 pounds of lean muscle and his articles being read by hundreds of thousands of people online, he’s become a known expert on how to build significant amounts of muscle naturally. Erny has over 12 years of experience as a natural bodybuilder, having taken almost every supplement under the sun.

Dr Thomas O’Connor MD

dr thomas o'connor

Dr Thomas O’Connor, is the face of our YouTube channel. He’s known in the bodybuilding community as the ‘Anabolic Doc’ having featured in films such as Generation Iron 3 and Enhanced. 

Dr O’Connor is the first physician in the world to have a clinic dedicated to anabolic recovery. This includes treatment and care for those who have used anabolic steroids or/and PED’s.

Since 2003 when his clinic opened, Dr O’Connor has treated thousands of men, improving their health and quality of life. Some of his patients include elite bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Below is one of Dr O’Connor’s videos from our channel. 

Online Work

Dr O’Connor has been featured on major websites and fitness magazines including:

  • New York Times
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • Muscular Development
  • Muscle Sport Magazine

america on steroids book



See a clip of Dr O’Connor in the documentary ‘Enhanced’ (below).

Why You Can Trust Our Content

Several of our bodybuilding guides contain 10,000+ words.

Such content can take 50-100 hours to create, including extensive research and the highest quality of content produced.

Our content is the result of studying various books, analysing studies, consulting some of the finest doctors in the world and real-life experience. This results in a combination of proven science and invaluable practical expertise.

Each guide we publish is very thorough and detailed, providing the best possible information for our readers.

In each guide we link out to a plethora of scientific research, giving validity to statements made. Thus our content is based on general scientific consensus (where applicable).

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