Chemyo Review: An Excellent Brand or Overhyped?

Chemyo is arguably the first company that comes to mind when someone references SARMs.

Chemyo is an American company based in Wilmington, Delaware. They are known for their high-quality SARMs and reliability in a gray area niche (1).

Undoubtedly, Chemyo’s excellent marketing and chemistry have propelled them to the top of the food chain. But are they really a league above other SARM companies, or are there better alternatives?

Chemyo Pros

  • Over 99% purity (validated with COAs)
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Variety of payment options
  • An established and trusted brand

Over 99% Purity

Every SARM from Chemyo will be formulated at over 99% purity due to their recrystallization techniques, which yield higher purities.

Chemyo provides third-party COAs to customers to confirm their purity. However, for those who have tried Chemyo’s products, we were never in doubt, observing very positive results.

There are different types of SARM companies: ones that are high quality and worth paying for, and ones that are cheap and thus can be somewhat of a gamble. Chemyo are certainly in the former category, in good company with Swiss Chems, who also guarantee over 99% purity.

International Shipping

We find high quality SARM companies are becoming increasingly reluctant to ship overseas due to packages being delayed or seized.

Chemyo, however, does ship internationally to:

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Some North American, South American, African, and rest of the world countries.

However, Chemyo does not seem to ship to Europe at this time.

Free Shipping

Customers are entitled to free shipping when:

  • US orders are $100+.
  • Non-US orders are $275+.

In our experience, Chemyo’s shipping is relatively prompt. We have had domestic (US) orders arrive in 3-5 days. Our international orders (to our UK location) took 12 days.

Variety of Payment Options

Chemyo offers an array of payment options, which currently are as follows:

  • Checkbook (5% discount)
  • Solana (5% discount)
  • Credit or debit card via Max Redemption or Verified-Pay (7.95% charge)
  • Bitcoin

Checkbook and Solana are the most economical ways to pay for Chemyo, although this may not suit everyone.

An Established and Trusted Brand

mk677 chemyo

Chemyo’s old packaging

We have found Chemyo to be an honest and ethical company that has consistently produced some of the purest SARMs on the market for several years now.

Thus, it isn’t a new or obscure SARMs brand where you have to worry about your package not arriving.

Chemyo has accumulated a large customer base, of whom the majority are happy with their products.

Chemyo Cons

  • 7.95% credit card fee
  • No LGD-4033 or peptides
  • No stealth shipping; packages may be delayed or seized.
  • Poor email support
  • No bitcoin discount (used to offer 10%)

Credit Card Fee

A 7.95% credit card fee is not ideal for nifty customers looking for maximum savings.

By no means is it a deal breaker, but with other SARM companies charging less, or even zero, for credit card transactions, it is disadvantageous.

No LGD-4033 or Peptides

Chemyo has not found a way around the trademark concerns surrounding LGD-4033, so it remains absent from their inventory. A few SARM companies somehow are able to sell this SARM, which remains a mystery to the public and an individualized legal matter.

Other SARM companies are offering popular peptides, such as BPC-157 and TB-500, in conjunction with SARMs, yet this is not a route Chemyo has followed.

No Stealth Shipping

In our experience, Chemyo’s packages are not discreet, which is a positive from a credibility standpoint. However, this is a negative when it comes to successfully delivering international orders.

Although our items arrived in less than two weeks (to the UK), other researchers have reported significant delays via customs, taking up to a month to arrive (or even being seized).

If you are a native US citizen, Chemyo’s shipping is very straightforward and fast. However, because of their transparent and intentional packaging, non-US researchers may face some delays.

Poor Email Support

In our experience, Chemyo’s email support, as of 2024, is poor.

We have sent approximately ten emails to Chemyo and have received two responses, with the other ones simply being ignored.

The two responses were also very delayed, taking several days or weeks to reply. Thus, if there are any issues with a person’s order, a prompt and helpful reply via email is unlikely.

We understand that Chemyo used to be more proactive at answering emails; thus, this is something that has changed over time.

No Bitcoin Discount

Chemyo used to offer a 10% discount when customers paid via bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But now we do not see this option at checkout.

Chemyo certainly isn’t obliged to do this, but to take it away from previously offering it, and with competitors providing generous crypto discounts, it is a negative.

Is Chemyo the Best SARMs Company?

Chemyo is certainly one of the best SARM companies on the market, based on the purity and efficacy of their products.

However, we have found quite a few drawbacks with Chemyo (large credit card fees, no cryptocurrency discount, poor customer service).

As a result, Sports Technology Labs would be our most recommended US source.

lgd 4033 sports technology labs

Sports Technology Labs Pros:

  1. 0% credit card fee
  2. Over 98% purity (confirmed with COAs)
  3. Products priced slightly less than Chemyo
  4. 10% cryptocurrency discount
  5. LGD-4033 and peptides are available
  6. Excellent, fast customer support
  7. 15% discount codes available vs. 10% for Chemyo

Sports Technology Labs Cons:

  1. Does not ship outside of the US.

Thus, US researchers could make better savings when ordering from Sports Technology Labs while receiving the same quality products.

However, Chemyo remains the better option for those based in Canada or other non-US countries due to their ability to provide international shipping.

Chemyo Before and After Results

chemyo results

This is a Chemyo customer’s results from taking a conservative cycle of RAD 140, consisting of 10 mg/day for 7 weeks (although these before and after photos only demonstrate the gains he experienced after the first 30 days).

After his 7-week cycle, he reported gaining:

  • 13 pounds in total weight
  • 50 pounds on his bench press
  • 30 pounds on his squat
  • 40 pounds on his deadlift

Will I Need a PCT After Using Chemyo’s SARMs?

In our experience, this will depend on the individual, the SARMs being utilized, and the exact dosages.

We have found that many patients report feeling okay post-cycle from Chemyo’s ostarine or RAD 140, and yet their total testosterone score has dropped significantly. In this case, it is up to them whether they want to take clomid or nolvadex post-cycle, although it is not imperative considering their high wellbeing.

Other patients can report decreased libido or energy post-cycle, which is typically from using more potent compounds, such as S23 or YK-11, in which case post-cycle therapy may become more important.

Is Chemyo Reliable?

Chemyo is a reliable source for researchers located in the United States, as there are typically no issues with their domestic shipping.

However, due to their less-than-stellar email support, international shipping to Canada or the U.K. is less reliable since they don’t provide discreet shipping. Thus, there’s a risk of package seizures necessitating email resolution, which, in our experience, has not been prompt (significantly delayed or no response at all).

Note: SARMs are only to be used for research purposes and are not approved for human consumption (2). SARMs may also pose several health risks similar to those of anabolic steroids (3).

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