Cardarine Before and After Results (-10% Body Fat)

Dr George TouliatosDisclaimer: Cardarine is only to be used for research purposes, as it is a non-FDA-approved compound and thus may cause adverse effects. If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Touliatos is currently available for consultation.

Cardarine (GW501516) is a PPARδ agonist used by weightlifters to significantly increase fat loss and muscular endurance (1).

We have published a few cardarine before and after photos below, so users can know visually how much fat loss to expect from a cardarine cycle and what doses are the most effective.

Cardarine Before and After #1

cardarine before and after

This user performed a 12-week cycle of cardarine at 20 mg/day. In total, he lost 40 pounds and achieved visible abs by the end of the cycle.

He appears to have lost approximately 10% of body fat, which otherwise could have taken 20 weeks or longer by natural means (by eating a 500-calorie deficit diet).

Cardarine Before and After #2

cardarine before and after 2

This user took 10 mg/day of cardarine for just 4 weeks and lost 20 pounds. His body fat percentage appears to have decreased by approximately 4%.

These results are impressive, given the low dosage and short cycle duration.

He also experienced significant improvements in endurance during his cardio workouts. These were especially evident after the second week.

Cardarine Before and After #3

cardrine and rad 140 before and after

This user did not state his dose or cycle length. However, he did reveal that he lost 90 pounds in 8 months after combining cardarine with a long-term calorie deficit diet.

Cardarine Before and After #4

cardarine before and after

This user lost 20 pounds following an 8-week cycle of 20 mg/day of ostarine and 10 mg/day of cardarine. He combined cardarine with the following approximate macronutrient values: 200g of protein, 165g of carbohydrates, and 60g of dietary fat. This user also reported his endurance improving exceptionally.

He implemented an 8-week PCT, although in our experience, this is unnecessary, as ostarine will not completely shut down testosterone levels but instead cause moderate suppression. Thus, only a 4-week PCT is necessary.

Cardarine Cycle

Based on the cardarine before and after pictures above, here is what a typical cardarine cycle looks like:

  • 10–20 mg/day for 8–12 weeks

It is important to understand that cardarine is not FDA-approved, and thus it is very much an experimental drug. This means that its effects are not fully known at this point, so if someone is going to take it, conservative doses should be utilized. We have seen a conservative dose of 10 mg/day for 8 weeks still produce excellent fat loss results.

How Much Weight Will I Lose on Cardarine?

How much weight a person loses on cardarine will depend on their training, genetics, diet, dose, and cycle duration.

It is unclear if a 20 mg/day dose of cardarine is actually more potent for losing fat mass than 10 mg/day.

Judging by the users’ before and after pictures above, 20 mg may not offer any additional lipolytic effects.

A user taking 10 mg/day of cardarine for 8 weeks and adopting a calorie-deficit diet is likely to lose 20–30 pounds.

Are the Fat-Burning Effects of Cardarine Permanent?

Yes, the fat loss from cardarine is permanent, and thus a user will just need to maintain their body fat percentage by eating maintenance calories to keep their results.

However, the endurance effects of cardarine are partially temporary due to mitochondrial biogenesis. We have seen users retain some improvements in stamina, which may be attributed to muscle memory.

Does Cardarine Become Less Effective With Each Cycle?

Yes, we find that users experience significant weight loss during their first cardarine cycle, and then the second cycle is significantly less effective, and so on with each cycle. This is the body building up a tolerance to the PPARδ agonist.

Cardarine’s Effects

Heart Health

We have seen cardarine improve patients’ lipid profiles by increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

In clinical studies, we see a 10mg dose of cardarine cause a 16.9% increase in HDL levels (2).

This correlates with our anecdotal findings, where we typically observe a 20% increase in HDL and a 10% reduction in LDL.


In our experience, some users can take cardarine, and their ALT and AST scores remain stable after an 8-week cycle. However, others can take it and experience abnormal liver function.

In medical research, we see a connection between liver fibrosis and cardarine (3). Other research shows that it may offer protection to the liver via beta-oxidation regulation (4). Thus, it is not fully understood why cardarine is hepatotoxic to some users and not for others. However, if a user’s liver is currently inflamed or damaged, and then they take cardarine, their condition may be exacerbated via the concept of cellular proliferation.

We have found that 500 mg/day of TUDCA can bring down ALT and AST enzymes for those wanting maximum protection.


Very high doses of cardarine have caused cancer in rodents; thus, there appears to be some carcinogenic risk with cardarine. Dropping the dose to 10mg and performing short cycles (4-6 weeks) is likely to reduce this risk; however, it is something to be aware of.

Anecdotally, we have seen various people take cardarine and remain in good health; however, those with a predisposition for cancer should avoid it.

Note: Cardarine and SARMs are not currently approved for human use.


Does Cardarine Build Muscle?

There is evidence of cardarine having anabolic effects in research, with users gaining 1.3kg after taking 10 mg/day for 12 weeks (5). This makes it even more desirable from a cutting perspective, as it will promote muscle retention when in a calorie deficit.

Can I take SARMs or Anabolic Steroids with Cardarine?

cardarine bottle
Many users stack cardarine with other SARMs like ostarine, RAD 140, or stenabolic (not technically a SARM). However, such stacks will exacerbate liver values, and thus ALT and AST enzymes should be monitored regularly throughout a cycle.

Stacking cardarine with oral anabolic steroids will also increase hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. Injectable anabolic steroids will just cause the latter.

Can Women Take Cardarine?

Women can take cardarine and experience exceptional fat loss and endurance like men, although their doses will need to be adjusted to their body weight. 7.5–10 mg/day should be considered a standard dose for women, with a cycle lasting 4-6 weeks.

We have not found cardarine to cause any masculinization effects in women.

Pregnant women should avoid cardarine due to its potential harm to developing fetuses.


We have not come across an anabolic steroid, SARM, or PED that burns fat as potently as cardarine.

Its effects are truly remarkable at reducing fat mass, and thus it offers great promise as a potential treatment for obesity.

However, there are still worries about how carcinogenic cardarine is, so people should not think of this PPARε agonist as safe until more research is done on its effects regarding cell proliferation (especially in the pancreas).

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