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Anavar (Oxandrolone) is the most popular anabolic steroid among both sexes, with it being highly coveted by men and women (1).

Men use it to build significant amounts of lean muscle and burn fat (2), without experiencing harsh side effects (which are very common with other anabolic steroids).

Women use it for the same reasons; however, Anavar remains one of the few steroids on the market that females can take, without experiencing masculinization effects. Therefore, for non-competing females who simply want to get in better shape — Anavar is often the perfect steroid to take.

Where Do Bodybuilders Buy Anavar?

There are 2 main options today when it comes to finding Anavar for sale.

1) Buying it through the black market.

2) Ordering ‘Legal Anavar’.

Anavar technically is illegal to use without a medical prescription. Thus, men and women taking it to get ripped are not acting within the confines of the law (except for a few countries in the world such as Thailand).

Therefore, you cannot buy Anavar in a local store, but instead on the black market. Thus, bodybuilders generally know someone who can get them their stash. However, the risks in purchasing via this method are evident, with not only legal risks but also health and financial complications. For example, nothing is stopping dealers from spiking certain steroids they sell; as they aren’t regulated and sometimes even produced in their basement.

Secondly, we see many scams on the black market, such as the steroid that is labeled on the bottle, not being the active ingredient. Therefore, finding a good dealer is a must and even then there is a legal risk of getting caught.

Legal Anavar, known as Anvarol, is also popular among gym-goers who want the anabolic and fat burning effects of oxandrolone (but also want to stay within the law).

Anvarol is manufactured by a company called Crazy Bulk, which also produces other legal, steroid alternatives such as D-Bal (Dianabol), Testo-Max (Testosterone), Trenorol (Trenbolone) and more.

Their formulas are not exogenous testosterone; however, they are aimed to replicate the effects of steroids without causing damaging side effects. Thus, because they are chemically different from anabolic steroids, they are FDA-approved supplements and 100% safe and legal.

One of the main advantages we see with Anvarol (legal Anavar) vs Oxandrolone (illegal Anavar) is that Anvarol doesn’t suppress testosterone levels or increase cholesterol levels. Thus, no PCT is needed and there’s no crash in energy, well-being, or libido post-cycle.

Also, with cholesterol levels not spiking, we find blood pressure levels remain stable on Anvarol, which is good news for those who are susceptible to high BP (or with heart disease in their family).

We see hair loss and acne occur in sensitive individuals on Anavar. However, such adverse effects do not occur with Anvarol (legal Anavar).

Women also don’t need to worry about turning into a man on Anvarol, with it posing significantly less risk than Anavar. We are yet to see any virilization cases from Anvarol-use in our clinic. 

Anavar For Sale on the Black Market 

Other problems when buying Anavar illegally are — women are more at risk of developing masculine side effects; such as a deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, breast reduction and hair growth.

Our tests have shown that Anavar is often swapped with Dianabol by dodgy dealers. They do this because Anavar is a very expensive steroid, costing hundreds of dollars for a lengthy cycle. Thus, with the active ingredient being Dbol, they can save a lot of money on their costs; and users still experience exceptional gains. However, Dianabol is androgenic and thus women will notice a big difference in side effects.

When this is sneakily done, men will notice more bloating and water retention with exceptional muscle and strength gains. However, Anavar causes more mild gains in size, with significant fat loss and no water retention.

If readers are intent on buying Anavar from the black market, it’s crucial to test the substance with a kit before ingesting it. This way you will be able to detect whether it’s 100% pure Anavar.

Anavar Stacks 

Many people will buy Anavar and not stack it with any other steroid (especially women). 

In our experience, running single steroid cycles are one of the best ways to minimize side effects. 

However, male bodybuilders typically stack Anavar with Testosterone or Winstrol for enhanced fat loss, strength and lean muscle mass.

The addition of Testosterone will result in significantly bigger muscle and strength gains, with Test often being used as a bulking compound. However, natural testosterone suppression will be more dramatic post-cycle and blood pressure will rise to higher levels with this combination. 

Stacking Anavar with Winstrol will increase muscle gains to a moderate degree, whilst taking fat loss to new levels. Winstrol will help to create a dry and shredded look, predominantly being a cutting steroid like Anavar.

We find women do not generally stack other compounds with Anavar, to reduce the chances of virilization. However, the more serious female bodybuilders (who compete) do stack compounds such as Anadrol or Winstrol alongside Anavar. Such women don’t mind developing a more masculine appearance if it means they take home the winner’s trophy.

Clenbuterol can also be stacked with Anavar for rapid fat loss (3), which is common among bodybuilders preparing for a show, to be as defined and ripped on stage as possible.

Crazy Bulk has a Clenbuterol legal steroid, which is combined with Anvarol (Anavar), Winsol (Winstrol) and Testo-Max (Testosterone) in their cutting stack.


Is Anavar Safe?

Anavar is safe enough for it to be FDA-approved in medicine, being prescribed to men, women and children. However, this is under the doctor’s supervision.

We notice that risks start to increase when Anavar’s bought illegally (and products are often tainted).

Anavar is one of the few steroids that beginners can take without harsh effects. It’s also an oral steroid, so no injections are needed (which requires knowledge regarding site location). However, Anavar is still classed as an anabolic steroid, so caution is needed.

Is Anavar Bad For the Liver?

Despite Anavar being an oral steroid, its risk in relation to the liver is relatively mild in clinical studies (4). Anecdotally, our LFTs (liver function tests) also confirm this.

Thus, when taken in moderate doses there should be no long-term complications with the liver. However, if someone has existing liver damage, they shouldn’t take Anavar.

However, liver failure remains possible if someone were to take mega doses of Anavar, or excessive cycles (such as 12+ weeks).

Can Anavar Cause Gyno?

In our experience, Anavar is very unlikely to cause gynecomastia (gyno) as it doesn’t aromatize. This means estrogen levels do not rise; the female hormone and the culprit for causing gyno.

Progesterone levels also will not rise on Anavar, which is another hormone that can cause estrogenic-like side effects. Thus, Anavar is one of the best steroids for avoiding gyno.

If you are looking for Anavar for sale, we recommend Anvarol, due to it being 100% legal, safe and FDA-approved.

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