TestoPrime Reviews: Compared vs Other Test Boosters (See Who Wins)

TestoPrime is a recently formulated testosterone booster, manufactured by supplement giant Wolfson Brands.

TestoPrime has been selling like hotcakes, due to it being featured in national UK news; resulting in countless men Googling ‘TestoPrime reviews‘.

TestoPrime Reviews In the Press

The Daily Mail reported: TestoPrime customer Matthew Clarke had hit rock bottom, having lost his job; as well as his libido and confidence.

However, after taking TestoPrime he claims it helped save his marriage (at least in the bedroom); as well as reducing stress and enhancing his confidence.

We often hear big claims from testosterone boosters, but does TestoPrime really work, or is it another overhyped supplement?

The first components to look for when purchasing a testosterone booster are:

  • Is the company who produces it trustworthy?
  • Are the product ingredients proven?

Upon answering these questions, you’ll have a good idea if TestoPrime is a potential scam, or if the product really works.

Who Is the Company Behind TestoPrime?

Wolfson Brands is a UK-based company that has generated over $100m in revenue from their various supplement brands (1). Thus, they are a very established and authoritive company.

As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to generate huge levels of revenue, in such a highly saturated market, without producing effective products (and thus receiving repeat orders).

They are also easily contactable with email, phone numbers and office addresses listed on their website.

TestoPrime Ingredients: Effective or Shoddy?

testoprime ingredients
TestoPrime claims to:

  • Increase testosterone
  • Lower stress
  • Increase libido
  • Enhance fat-burning
  • Increase muscular strength and size

But are the above benefits likely to be experienced by the average user; based on the ingredients?

All of TestoPrime’s ingredients are FDA approved, thus are safe for humans to consume. This is the number one concern when taking any supplement, with some products containing illegal/harmful ingredients.

The 4 main ingredients in TestoPrime are:

  • D-Aspartic acid – 2,000mg
  • Panax Ginseng – 8,000mg
  • Ashwagandha (KSM 66®) – 668mg
  • Fenugreek – 800mg

One positive when looking at TestoPrime’s ingredient profile is they don’t hide the dosages in proprietary blends. Thus, we know exactly how much we’re taking and can gauge whether it’s an effective dose.

D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is a naturally occurring amino acid that has shown to increase natural testosterone production; via stimulation of the Leydig cells in the testes; plus additional stimulation of the pituitary gland (2).

D-Aspartic acid is found in soy, casein and corn foods.

In a 12 day study, researchers found that DAA increased testosterone levels by 42% after 12 days (3). Another study found that DAA has the power to increase testosterone by a whopping 60% when taken in high doses (4). This study also observed an improvement in sperm quality and male fertility, leading to an increased rate of pregnancies.

Some men use DAA to help combat erectile dysfunction, due to declining testosterone levels.

Some research suggests DAA may be able to induce erections (5). However, further studies are needed to confirm whether this is likely when taken orally; as the method of administration was injection (and was observed in rat subjects).

DAA is also popular in bodybuilding, helping to max out testosterone levels and increase lean muscle mass.

An effective dose of D-aspartic acid based on clinical studies is 2,000-3,000mg. TestoPrime contains 2,000mg per dose, ticking this box. 

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is a Korean plant known to increase testosterone levels, whilst reducing its conversion to DHT; helping men who suffer with enlarged prostates.

This plant extract has also shown to boost cognitive performance (6), thus enhancing motivation and mental clarity in users. This benefit is attributed to its rich antioxidant properties, which continue to have a positive on cognitive function after 5 or more years.

Data from six randomized trials suggests Panax Ginseng is also an effective supplement for erectile dysfunction, increasing erection quality. This benefit may be attributed to it boosting nitric oxide production and thus increasing blood flow to the penis.

Ginseng also works as an ‘adaptogen‘ meaning it decreases catabolic hormones in the body; such as cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that often rises when a person is overwhelmed in their life; facing different problematic situations or has an overly busy lifestyle (and is being deprived of sleep).

Ginseng restores balance to catabolic hormones, reducing them and leaving a person feeling more calm and less stressed in their life. In a 2011 report, 4g a day of supplementation over a 4 week period had a notably positive effect in reducing stress (7).

Studies have also shown that ginseng may have fat burning properties, with it helping obese women to lose weight (8). This may be due to ginseng’s blood glucose-lowering effects; or its ability to improve healthy bacteria of digestive enzymes.

Ginseng is also likely to improve energy levels and reduce fatigue, with athletes commonly taking it to increase their training intensity.

Muscle recovery is also likely to improve, due to ginseng’s antioxidant effect; helping users to train more frequently, harder and for longer periods without overtraining.

An effective dose for ginseng is between 1,000-3,000mg. TestoPrime contains 8,000mg (which is the same dose the obese women took to reduce their body fat).


Ashwagandha is a plant, of which its leaves have been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for over 4,000 years.

Now, its extract is found in some of the most potent testosterone boosters on the market.

In research, men who took 3g of ashwagandha per day, saw a 14-41% increase in testosterone (9).

In another trial, men who took 5g/day, experienced a 13-22% rise (10). Based on these two studies alone, anything more than 3g per day may be unnecessary.

However, smaller doses have also proven to be effective; with 300mg of ashwagandha taken for 8 weeks provoking a 15% rise in testosterone (11); when combined with weight training.

Further studies have observed significant increases in muscular strength of up to 21% when taking 750-1250mg for 30 days (12).

There is also evidence for this herb increasing muscle size, with trials finding arm size to increase by 38% and chest size by 57%, when compared to a placebo (13).

Ashwagandha, like ginseng, has a cortisol-lowering effect, helping men to better manage stress in their lives; increasing overall success and performance.

Ashwagandha also has positive cardiovascular effects, offering protection to the heart. This is due to its ability to lower LDL cholesterol levels, which are prone to clogging up arteries and impeding blood flow.

Improved blood flow and decreased cortisol levels also improve brain health, with researchers suggesting this herb may reduce the likelihood of memory loss or Alzheimer’s in long-term use.

TestoPrime contains ashwagandha KSM-66 which is thought to be the highest concentration extract available on the market. An effective dose for ashwagandha is 300-500mg; TestoPrime contains 668mg of the herb. 


Fenugreek is an aphrodisiac herb that is sometimes used as a spice in cooking.

Fenugreek contains high concentrations of l-tryptophan; an amino acid that calms the central nervous system. This can lower stress and result in a person being more relaxed under pressure (reducing anxiety/depression).

One study found that a fenugreek product when taken in 600mg doses lowered body fat by 1.4%, whilst increasing lean mass by 1.8%, over the course of 8 weeks (14). It also produced an exceptional strength increase of 20.66kg on the leg press.

There is evidence for fenugreek having a powerful effect on testosterone, at least in men with existing low levels. Researchers found free testosterone scores increased by 90% in participants who took 500mg/day for 12 weeks (15).

TestoPrime contains 800mg of fenugreek, easily surpassing the dose users took to experience a 90% increase in testosterone (in the above study). 

Note: It is clear that not only does TestoPrime contain safe and effective ingredients, but also in generous doses; proven to have anabolic effects in the body.

Studies on TestoPrime

It’s also worth noting that studies on TestoPrime have confirmed that it produced up to:

  • 71.6% reduction in stress
  • 16% fat loss
  • 138.7% increase in muscular strength
  • 92.2% improvement in muscular endurance
  • 12% conversion of fat to energy

These results aren’t too surprising, given TestoPrime’s ingredient profile and generous dosages.

TestoPrime Vs Other Testosterone Boosters

If you want to know how TestoPrime compares to best-selling testosterone boosters, read our comparisons below.

TestoPrime Vs TestoGen

TestoGen is one of the leading testosterone boosters on the market. TestoPrime and TestoGen have several of the same ingredients, thus we compared the dosages and price:

Ingredient TestoPrime TestoGen 
DAA2g2.3g ✅
Fenugreek 800mg ✅160mg
Ginseng8,000mg ✅160mg
Zinc 40mg ✅10mg
Bioperine6.58mg ✅5mg
Vitamin B65.8mg20mg ✅
Vitamin D25.58mcg 50mcg ✅

Winner: TestoPrime beats TestoGen in dosages for crucial ingredients; with superior quantities for fenugreek, ginseng and zinc. With both products retailing at $59.99, TestoPrime offers better value for money.

TestoPrime vs TestoFuel

TestoFuel has been a kingpin in the testosterone booster for several years now. It has a similar ingredient profile to TestoPrime, so lets compare the dosages:

Ginseng 8,000mg ✅100mg
DAA2,000mg2,300mg ✅
Vitamin D2,558IU5,000IU ✅
Fenugreek 800mg ✅100mg
Zinc40mg ✅10mg
Vitamin B65.8mg ✅5mg

Winner: TestoPrime. The only ingredient where TestoFuel beats TestoPrime hands down is with vitamin D; however this ingredient is controversial because some researchers believe it to be ineffective when taken in supplement form (with direct sunlight instead being a better source of absorption).

In most other ingredients TestoPrime wins, with substantially higher doses for ginseng, fenugreek and zinc. TestoFuel and TestoPrime retail at almost identical prices, thus TestoPrime again provides better value for money.

TestoPrime Pros & Cons


  • 100% natural testosterone booster
  • FDA approved / safe ingredients
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Effective dosages
  • No prescription needed
  • Non-GMO, soy-free, vegan formula
  • Money back guarantee
  • Generous savings available when purchasing multiple bottles


  • Only available from the official TestoPrime website
  • Vitamin D dosage could be higher


How Long Does it Take to See Results?

TestoPrime users should experience results in terms of energy and increased libido in the first 1-2 weeks. However, body composition changes can take 3-4 weeks; and continue improving beyond this duration (thus multiple bottles may be purchased for better results in the long term).

1 bottle lasts 30 days. When customers purchase 2 bottles, they will receive a 3rd bottle for free; thus making it cheaper to buy in bulk. 

What Is TestoPrime’s Money Back Guarantee?

If someone doesn’t see any results from TestoPrime, they are entitled to a full refund. This is a lifetime guarantee that never expires, providing no risk to those who are skeptical of the effectiveness of this product.

Many supplement companies do not offer such guarantees, as they may go out of business if too many customers return the product. However, we believe TestoPrime are in a position to do this due to a very low return rate; thanks to its effective ingredient profile.

Will TestoPrime Be Right For You?

If you already have high testosterone levels, you may not notice a huge difference on TestoPrime. Equally, if you’re expecting huge muscle gains you may be left disappointed.

However, if you have low to average levels of testosterone, or feel stressed on a daily basis; TestoPrime is likely to cause a dramatic change to your mood and body composition.

How Does TestoPrime Compare vs TRT?

TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy, is prescribed to men with low testosterone levels (16).

Taking exogenous testosterone is essentially taking anabolic steroids to artificially mimic the same effects of high testosterone. This often leads to men feeling like they did again in their teenage years.

Although many positives are seen on TRT, it does shut down natural testosterone production (17); creating a dependency on the treatment (and exacerbating already low endogenous testosterone levels).

TRT can also lead to side effects such as: high blood pressure, enlarged prostate and hair loss (18). 

TestoPrime however is not exogenous testosterone (and thus not a steroid). Therefore, it will enhance your natural testosterone production in a safe and natural manner; that doesn’t produce any of the side effects of TRT.

Testosterone replacement therapy is also very expensive compared to TestoPrime (with the former costing anywhere from $150-$1,500 each month). 


If you want to experience:

  • Increased energy
  • More confidence
  • Enhanced libido
  • More muscle size/strength
  • Fat loss
  • Increased fertility

TestoPrime is a testosterone booster that can deliver on those promises.

If for some reason you don’t respond well to the supplement, you can receive your money back; giving customers a win/win scenario.

For more TestoPrime reviews (and the latest deals) visit their official website. Click here to save $25 on your first bottle.

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