Is Tren Bad For You? Our Anecdotal Experience

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Tren (Trenbolone) is an anabolic steroid used by intermediate and advanced bodybuilders to build lean muscle and burn fat. It is also utilized by powerlifters and strongmen to enhance their strength.

Its anabolic and lipolytic properties are unquestionable, with it being the most powerful anabolic for transforming a user’s body composition as fast as possible.

But is Tren bad for you?

Below, we list all of the common Tren side effects we have come across after analysing hundreds of bodybuilders who have cycled Tren, giving you real insight into how safe or harmful this compound really is.


Tren’s effects on cholesterol are not to be underestimated, with it causing a sharp rise in LDL and a notable reduction in HDL levels. This in turn will cause a significant rise in blood pressure, increasing the risk of myocardial infarction.

In our experience, it is common for Tren users to be hypertensive (>140/90 mmHg) during a cycle. We have seen users admitted to the hospital due to an elevated heart rate and palpitations; however, this can be attributed somewhat to anxiety due to tren being a stimulant.

However, we have had someone experience a cardiac arrest from a stack including Tren, although this person was genetically predisposed to left ventricular hypertrophy and was taking excessively high doses (700 mg/week of Tren Acetate).

Patients suffering from high blood pressure can implement regular cardiovascular exercise (30 minutes of moderate intensity, 3 to 4 times per week) to increase vasodilation. They can also transition to a ketogenic diet to lower their blood sugar (1), as well as take 4 grams of fish oil per day to improve their cholesterol ratios. We have been able to get hypertensive users into a normal blood pressure range by making these three alterations.

In terms of Tren’s impact vs. other anabolic steroids, we have found it to be one of the most devastating on blood lipids, alongside Anadrol and Superdrol. It is the most cardiotoxic injectable we have come across.

Liver Toxicity

Some are mistaken for believing Tren is not hepatotoxic because it is an injectable. However, this is incorrect, as the liver still plays a role in clearing Tren out of the body. Thus, we have seen AST and ALT enzymes rise to different degrees, depending on the person, although not to the same extent as oral anabolic steroids like Winstrol, Anadrol, or Dianabol.

500 mg/day of TUDCA can be taken if liver markers are high during a Tren cycle. Intermittent fasting can also help alleviate hepatic strain while increasing fat burning (2).


Tren can be taxing on the kidneys due to notable elevations in blood pressure coupled with its diuretic effects, making users more susceptible to dehydration.

Thus, it is important for users to drink plenty of water on Tren (>2.5 liters a day) to maintain optimal renal health while limiting sodium intake (<2,300 mg/day).

Mental Well-Being

Based on our patient’s anecdotal reports, Tren can cause a rollercoaster of emotions, from intense paranoia to feelings of insecurity, being easily irritated, rage, and high levels of aggression.

We have had a few users even report suicidal feelings when taking Tren, which subsided when coming off cycle.

Thus, if a person is unstable mentally, prone to feelings of sadness, or has suicidal tendencies, Tren could be considered an unsafe anabolic steroid, as it may exacerbate these symptoms.


Tren significantly stimulates the CNS (central nervous system), causing insomnia in some people, especially when doses are taken in the evening. This is not a dangerous side effect per se; however, if sleep quantity or quality is affected, this can negatively alter the immune system (3).

Testosterone Suppression

Tren is one of the most suppressive anabolic steroids we have come across.

Typically, users will be hypogonodal following a Tren cycle (<300 nanograms/dL) and will thus require post-cycle therapy.

Nolvadex and/or Clomid are effective PCT medications that can restore endogenous testosterone levels in a matter of weeks.

Low testosterone levels are not as dangerous in the short term as high cholesterol; however, sustained low testosterone can cause immune system dysfunction. And thus, this should be corrected as quickly as possible to avoid illness.

Low testosterone post-cycle can also cause low libido, decreased well-being, low energy, and reductions in muscular strength and hypertrophy.

Tren Cough

This is a violent dry coughing sensation that can alarm Tren-users and occurs in approximately 20% of injections. Users may also experience chest tightness, leading them to believe this is a dangerous side effect.

Despite feelings of panic, Tren cough is not believed to be dangerous but instead a reaction caused by vasoconstriction of the bronchus muscular wall.

Is Tren Bad for Cardio?

In our experience, Tren is bad for cardio performance due to notable elevations in blood pressure. Because blood flow to the heart and working muscles is impaired, it can cause users to get out of breath more easily, even during daily tasks such as going up the stairs.

If blood pressure did not rise excessively on Tren, cardio would actually improve, as it increases red blood cell production and doesn’t cause excessive weight gain.

How Bad Is Tren Compared to Testosterone?

Testosterone is a better bulking steroid in regard to safety, as it is an FDA-approved medication for hypogonadism. Testosterone only causes mild to moderate alterations in cholesterol, depending on the dose, whereas Tren causes severe rises in LDL levels.

Both are potent muscle-builders, although Trenbolone will build a little more muscle hypertrophy and strength.

Testosterone can cause more overall weight gain due to the aromatase enzyme being present, thus causing some water retention.

Tren will also cause more suppression compared to testosterone, based on our SHBG tests.

Verdict: Is Tren Bad For You?

tren bad
Yes, Tren is potentially damaging to cardiac, hepatic, and renal health. However, the risks will be different for each user, depending on their genetics, diet, and dosages.

We have seen people take Tren and remain in relatively good health, whereas others can be hospitalized from high doses. The state of the person before the cycle starts and how they react to the drug can determine this.

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